How to Play PCSO 6D Lotto

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) offers a variety of exciting lottery games, one of which is the 6D Lotto. With the potential to win substantial prizes, understanding how to play the game is crucial.

Whether you’re aiming for the coveted jackpot or aiming for smaller but still substantial prizes, understanding the game’s nuances will undoubtedly enhance your overall lottery experience.

How to Play PCSO 6D Lotto

  1. Go to an authorized PSCO outlet near you.
  2. Get a play slip specifically for 6D Lotto.
  3. The play slip will contain several panels, each representing a different set of numbers you can choose. Select six numbers from the range of 0 to 9 by marking the corresponding boxes on the play slip.
  4. You can simplify your number selection by choosing the Lucky Pick (LP) option. With this feature, the system will randomly generate numbers for your entry. It’s a convenient way to let chance play a role in your lottery experience, especially if you prefer not to manually select numbers.
  5. You can boost your chances of winning by playing the System. Choose from options like Roll 5, Sys 7 up to Sys 12 to cover more number combinations in a single entry. It’s a straightforward way to explore broader possibilities and increase your potential for winning in the lottery draw.
  6. After filling out your play slip with your chosen numbers, give it to the teller, pay for your bet, and they’ll give you a ticket. Keep the ticket safe – it’s your proof of being part of the game!
  7. Before you go, take a quick look at the numbers on your lottery ticket. Just make sure they match the ones you picked. This simple check ensures everything is in order, giving you peace of mind for the upcoming draw.
  8. Keep your ticket safe and secure place. It serves as proof of your participation and is essential for claiming any potential prizes.
  9. The draw happens every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:00 PM. It’s a regular schedule, providing consistent opportunities for participants to catch the winning numbers. Set your calendar for these days to ensure you don’t miss the excitement of the lottery draw.
  10. After entering the lottery draw, it’s crucial to check if your numbers match the winning ones. You can do this by watching the official draw where the winning numbers are announced. If you miss the draw, no worries! Just visit the lottery website to find the latest results. It’s a straightforward way to see if you’ve won any prizes.
  11. For prizes below a certain amount, you can easily claim them at authorized retailers. If you win a larger prize, you’ll need to visit a PCSO branch. It’s a straightforward process – just check the specific claim procedures and have the necessary documents ready for a hassle-free experience.
Number of Matching NumbersPrize Amount

Playing the lottery is essentially a gamble, and there’s no guarantee of winning. It’s a game where luck is the deciding factor, and despite the anticipation and hopes tied to buying a ticket, the reality is that winning is far from certain.

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