Guide on Where to Redeem PCSO Price

Have you recently scored a win with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)? It’s a moment worth celebrating, and you might be curious about the next steps in turning that winning ticket into actual cash. Not to worry – we’ve got a comprehensive guide to walk you through the straightforward process of redeeming your PCSO winnings.

This guide breaks down the process into easy-to-follow steps. From where to go to claim your prize to when and how to do it, we’re here to make sure your winning experience is as smooth as playing the games themselves. By familiarizing yourself with these guidelines, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the prize redemption journey.

Where to Redeem PCSO Price

  1. If you’ve scored a PCSO prize falling within the range of P20.00 to P10,000.00, the redemption process is conveniently accessible. You have the flexibility to claim your prize at any authorized Lotto outlet or directly at PCSO Branch Offices in your local area. The option to redeem prizes at authorized lotto outlets adds a layer of convenience for winners, ensuring that the process is not only straightforward but also easily accessible.
  2. If your PCSO prize falls within the range of P10,001.00 to P300,000.00, the redemption process is designed to ensure your convenience and security. For prizes in this category, you have the option to claim them at the PCSO Branch Offices nearest to you or at the PCSO Main Office located on the 2nd Floor of Sun Plaza Building, at the intersection of Princeton Street and Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City (1552).
  3. Prizes starting from P300,001.00 up to the JACKPOT PRIZE need to undergo validation and can be claimed at PCSO Main Office 2nd Floor Sun Plaza Building, 1507 Princeton Street corner Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 1552.
  4. Here’s our guide on How to Claim PCSO Lotto Prize.

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